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Custom Automation

  1. 6-Axis Dispensing Robot Systems

    6-Axis Dispensing Robot Systems

    These cells utilize 6-axis robots for various dispensing applications such as liquid gasket dispensing. Dispensing by means of 6-axis robots is an efficient platform for various dispensing applications, when a 3-axis tabletop robot does not provide the flexibility required.

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  2. Automated Dispensing Cells

    Automated Dispensing Cells

    Izumi International specializes in custom automation for dispensing. The automated cells are customized for the customer application, and incorporate 3 or 4 axis table top robots or 6-axis robots. Dispensing systems are incorporated per application, and can be traditional pneumatic dispensers or non-contact type jet dispensers. Cells can be physically enclosed or fit with safety curtains, depending on application.

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  3. Industrial Workstations

    Industrial Workstations

    These workstations can be customized for the customer’s specific applications, and can be modified after installation. Options such as table height adjustment, special lighting, gravity feed bin systems are available upon request.

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  4. Karakuri Automation

    Karakuri Automation

    Karakuri automation systems require no electricity or electronic controls, utilizing the weight of the product itself to generate motion. It is a low cost solution for automated material handling.

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