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The Delta line consists of a vast array of automation products including, AC Motor Drives, Brushless DC Motors and Drives, AC Servo Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, Text Panels, Temperature Controllers, Timer/Counter Tachometers and Industrial Communication Modules.

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  1. AC Drives

    AC Drives

    Delta offers a complete solution to all your motor control requirements from simple V/F micro drives to advanced Field Oriented Control vector drives. With horse power ranging from fractional to 300 and input voltages from 110VAC to 575VAC, Delta drives provide a powerful and easy to operate motor control for your automation needs.

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  2. Brushless DC Motors

    Brushless DC Motors

    The Delta brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets. It is powered by DC and incorporates an electronically controlled commutation system, instead of a mechanical commutation system based on brushes. Using an electronically controlled commutation system offers several advantages compared to other motor structures. There is less mechanical/electrical noise, lower temperature, no brush dust, and lower rotor losses. All this adds up to higher efficiency, performance, and energy savings compared to a traditional motor.

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  3. Human Machine Interface

    Human Machine Interface

    Delta's DOP and TP series are offered in a variety of display sizes and color options. Offering fast and convenient control functions for a wide range of industrial automation equipment. This reliable product family is price competitive, and comes with free user-friendly software.

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  4. Power Supplies

    Power Supplies

    The CliQ series DIN Rail power supply is designed for the global market. Built to last a lifetime, the rugged, ultra-compact casing is shock and vibration resistant, meets Class 1 Div 2 harsh industrial environments and is offered with multiple output terminals to ease installation. This coupled with power ratings from 60W to 480W, input voltages of 115, 230, and 460VAC, worldwide approvals and designed by the World's largest Switching Power Supply manufacturer, the CliQ series is the right power supply for your applications.

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  5. Programmable Logic Controllers

    Programmable Logic Controllers

    Delta's DVP series PLC's are designed for high performance, high flexibility, and ease of programming. From ultra small modular PLCs to larger Brick style PLCs, the DVP product line offers numerous features, including 0.24 microsecond instruction speed, two axis synchronous Linear/Arc interpolation, Ethernet connectivity, Web Server, Multi-loop Temperature control, Auto-tuning PID, and 500Khz pulse output. These features coupled with the DVPs ease of integration to all Delta’s automation products, creates a system that meets many of the most difficult applications in the market today.

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  6. Servo Systems

    Servo Systems

    Delta’s ASDA servo systems offer high-speed and high-precision motion control functionality for a wide range of application needs. The products are available in 100W to 7.5kW power ratings with a broad range of speed and inertia ratings, as well as, output shaft and brake options.

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  7. Temperature Controllers / Counters

    Temperature Controllers / Counters

    Delta’s multi-loop temperature controllers and timer/counter/tachometer products are offered with a variety of output options. These user- friendly devices come in a range of sizes and are sure to meet your process control requirements.

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