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Itoh Denki

Itoh Denki developed the motorized conveyor roller in 1975.

Throughout the years Itoh Denki has produced high quality AC powered rollers as well as a more economical and powerful 24V DC product line.

Since its inception in 1975, the Power Moller has enjoyed continued success as a vital component for factory automation and increased productivity in every industry. Millions of Power Moller have been rolling throughout the world to automate production facility in thousands of manufacturers.

  1. Itoh Denki AC Power Roller

    Itoh Denki AC Power Roller

    Available in standard industrial voltage. Mostly used for the process or assembly lines, or bridge between machines in FA (Factory Automation) in every manufacturing industry. Suitable for conveying load from light to heavy duty at relatively slow or medium speed.

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  2. Itoh Denki DC Power Roller

    Itoh Denki DC Power Roller

    ITOH DENKI developed DC version Power Moller incorporating brushless dc motor in 1988,then developed in 1999,the Power Moller 24 having high speed, high torque and diagnosis capability. Further efforts were made to integrate more intelligence including variable speed, acceleration/deceleration, and built in control logic.

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  3. Itoh Denki Driver Cards

    Itoh Denki Driver Cards

    The dedicated driver cards can control speed, acceleration, deceleration, direction control etc. Models for single zone as well as dual zone are available. Ethernet ready cards are also available.

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  4. Itoh Denki FRAT

    Itoh Denki FRAT

    Patented Itoh Denki Lift-Lower Technology. Product height never changes; the rollers and wheels come up to meet the product. 100% Powered by MDR. Ability to safely convey packages as small as 8.8″(225mm) x 8.8″ (225mm). Convey objects weighing up to 110lbs.(50kg). Drops in between frame rails of existing conveyor

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