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Musashi Engineering, Inc.

Established in 1978, Musashi Engineering is a global leader in the fluid dispenser field, offering top-of-the-line dispense controllers, programmable robots, syringes, nozzles, and needles. Musashi dispensers are engineered for the highest quality and precision, putting them in high demand throughout the electronic manufacturing industry in Asia.

Musashi’s robust line of dispensers can handle all kinds of fluids: solder and Ag pastes, phosphor silicone, lubricants, volatile adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, epoxy resins, and more. Dispensing volumes range from 0.5 nanoliters to 100 milliliters per shot, and Musashi’s line of desktop robots ensure highly precise and repeatable placement.

Izumi International is proud to be one of Musashi’s premier distributors in the U.S. We are available to answer questions, recommend products, and help you find a solution tailored to your automation needs.

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  1. SuperΣCM3 Pneumatic Dispenser

    SuperΣCM3 Pneumatic Dispenser

    Prevent waste and errors with the high-precision Musashi SuperΣCM3 pneumatic dispenser. Ideal for ultra-fine dot and line dispensing of adhesives, silicone resin, lubricants, epoxy, and more, the SuperΣCM3 offers ultimate pneumatic dispensing stability with the following features:

    • Vacuum control system to stop drips and aeration
    • Automatic correction of pressure head variation to improve consistency
    • Accurate detection of low fluid levels in syringe to prevent empty shots and wasted fluid
    These innovations reduce the NG (reject) rate by 70%.

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  2. ML-808GX Pneumatic Dispenser

    ML-808GX Pneumatic Dispenser

    The ML-808GX is a high precision air pulse dispense controller which can adjust for viscosity fluctuation.

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  3. Musashi ML-5000XII pneumatic syringe dispenser

    Musashi ML-5000XII pneumatic syringe dispenser

    Musashi's high-performance syringe dispenser features a patented air pulse stabilizing circuit that eliminates fluid volume fluctuation. The result is high dispensing accuracy and consistency. The ML-5000XII is ideal for underfill applications, solder paste dispensing, and other precise dot-and-line dispensing for electronics.

    This syringe dispense controller can be integrated with a Musashi desktop robot system, such as the Shotmaster ΩX series, or mounted on a larger system. 

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  4. SMART SHOT MS-1/MS-1D Pneumatic Dispenser

    SMART SHOT MS-1/MS-1D Pneumatic Dispenser

    The SMART SHOT MS-1 and MS-1D are economical and compact air pulse dispensers.

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    The VALVE MASTER ME-5000VT is an air pulse dispense controller for control of valve based dispensing systems.

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    The SPRAY MASTER ME-5000SP is an air pulse dispense controller for control of spraying valves to achieve uniform spray dispensing.

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  7. Aerojet Non-Contact Dispenser

    Aerojet Non-Contact Dispenser

    The AeroJet is a non-contact jet dispenser designed for mid to high viscosity materials. Non-Contact dispensers enable dispensing from a distance, eliminate the need for z-axis adjustment, and contribute to high output.

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  8. SUPERJET  Dispenser

    SUPERJET Dispenser

    The SuperJet is a non-contact jet dispenser designed with super high speeds of 1200Hz and capable of small volume dispensing under 0.5 nL/shot.

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  9. CyberJet2  Non-Contact Dispenser

    CyberJet2 Non-Contact Dispenser

    The CyberJet2 is a non-contact jet dispenser designed for low viscosity materials.

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  10. Screw Master 3 Dispenser

    Screw Master 3 Dispenser

    The Screw Master 3 is a positive displacement type dispenser suitable for materials with high viscosity.

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