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Musashi ML-5000XII pneumatic syringe dispenser

Musashi's high-performance syringe dispenser features a patented air pulse stabilizing circuit that eliminates fluid volume fluctuation. The result is high dispensing accuracy and consistency. The ML-5000XII is ideal for underfill applications, solder paste dispensing, and other precise dot-and-line dispensing for electronics.

This syringe dispense controller can be integrated with a Musashi desktop robot system, such as the Shotmaster ΩX series, or mounted on a larger system. 


The ML-5000XII is Musashi’s mainstream pneumatic syringe dispenser, offering the following features:

  • PAT air pulse stabilizing circuit for high accuracy and repeatability
  • Small footprint (18.8 cm X 19.8 cm X 7.6 cm)
  • Reduced pressure rise time
  • DIP switch settings offer selection between dry contact and 5V/12V/24V voltage signals


Discharge Pressure Setting

 - Electro/Pneumatic method


Pneumatic Control Circuit

 - Air pulse stablizing circuit (pat)


Dispense Pressure Setting

 - 5.0 - 700.0kPa


Discharge Time Control Circuit

 - C-MOS IC control digital circuit


Vacuum Pressure Setting

 - 0 - 20.0kPa


Display Section

 - LED digital display


Input and Output Signal

 - Input: With or without contact point

 - Output: Without contact point


Supply Air Pressure

 - Up to 0.8 MPa (discharge pressure +0.1 MPa or more)


Power Supply, Power Consumption

 - AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz .17W


Exterior Dimensions, Weight

 - W188 X D196 X H76mm .3.4 kg