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SuperΣCM3 Pneumatic Dispenser

Prevent waste and errors with the high-precision Musashi SuperΣCM3 pneumatic dispenser. Ideal for ultra-fine dot and line dispensing of adhesives, silicone resin, lubricants, epoxy, and more, the SuperΣCM3 offers ultimate pneumatic dispensing stability with the following features:

  • Vacuum control system to stop drips and aeration

  • Automatic correction of pressure head variation to improve consistency

  • Accurate detection of low fluid levels in syringe to prevent empty shots and wasted fluid

These innovations reduce the NG (reject) rate by 70%.

The SuperΣCM3 pneumatic dispenser is a high-precision air pulse dispenser that can create ultra-fine lines and dots as thin as 50μm.

Visualization software means functions are programmable via personal computer, and the dispenser can be configured with a desktop robot system such as the Musashi Shotmaster

- High precision pneumatic dispenser with dramatically improved dispensing stability
- Fine adjustment in correction (Σ) mode corrections fully controlled from device
- Dispensing conditions editable on your PC, thanks to dedicated software

- Automatic Fluid Drip Prevention
- Automatic Correction of Pressure Head Variation
- Automatic Level Alarm



Dispensing Method
- Pneumatic (Air Pulse)

Discharge Pressure Setting
- Microcomputer control electro/pneumatic method

Dispense Mode
- Timed mode / Manual mode

Vacuum Pressure Set Range
- -0.020-0 MPa

Main Function
- Water head difference automatic compensation, dripping automatic prevention, automatic residual quantity warning, α revision, δ revision
- Vacuum pressure revision, residual quantity indication revision, dispense counter, stopwatch
- Japanese-English indication reshuffling
- Supply pressure error, exhaust error, vacuum pressure error
- Solenoid valve error, solenoid valve warning

Number of Channels
- 100 CH

RS232C Serial Communication
- Possibility

Input Signal
- We pre-set dispense, channel reshuffling, dispense mode reshuffling, channel, channel designation, channel step

Output Signal
- While is completed, and dispense cycles among dispense lady, dispense; solenoid valve alarm, error, under residual quantity warning, electricity

Rating Power Supply and Frequency
- AC100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption
- 30W

Conformity Standard
- CE marking (low voltage order, EMC order) EU RoHS

External diameter dimensions W*D*H
- W300 X D300 X H100 mm

- 5.8 kg