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Linear Motion Systems

Keep your production line moving smoothly with the Robotunits linear motion system, offering strength, stability, and easy assembly with no welding. All linear motion components work seamlessly with the rest of the Robotunits extruded aluminum framing system, simplifying the assembly process and making it easy to incorporate a new station into an existing framing system.

Choose from a variety of carriage types for different load weights, and various motor flanges and couplings for different torque requirements. You can design a custom linear motion system or lift station that meets your needs exactly, or choose from one of our standard designs.
Customize a linear motion system or lift station using Robotunits’ intuitive, modular designs. Benefits include:
  • Quick and easy modular construction
  • Seamless integration with the entire Robotunits modular automation system
  • Capability for configuring lift stations
  • Configurable X-Y-Z-3-axis gantry systems
  • Motor selection tailored to performance requirements
  • Easy-to-mount steel guiderails that eliminate the need for a separate guide system
  • Integration with VFD or servo systems for precise indexing systems
  • CAD models available from the Robotunits website