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Robotunits Extruded Aluminum Framing

Looking for a sleek and practical framing alternative to welded steel? The extruded aluminum framing system designed by the experts at Robotunits offers near-endless design possibilities while requiring minimal assembly time.

This all-in-one modular framing system features a variety of extruded profiles made of a durable aluminum alloy. The lightweight and easy-to-assemble configuration require no drilling or welding, and are have an anodized surface eliminating the need for painting.
Robotunits' unique extruded aluminum profiles are designed for superior strength. A 50 x 50 mm extrusion modulus boasts near-identical strength to a 50 x 50 mm section of steel tube with a 3 mm wall thickness. In addition, a single fastener offers up to 8,800 pounds of tensile strength. This enables the Robotunits aluminum framing system to be structural frames for machine bases or robot cell framework, which has been typically done in welded steel.

Robotunits’ streamlined product line maximizes design possibilities while keeping the number of unique parts to a minimum. Key features include:
  • 12 unique profile designs in two series (40 mm and 50 mm)
  • Uniform slot size so that all t-nuts and accessories are compatible
  • Patented t-slot fastening technology
  • Full range of system accessories
  • Simplicity of ordering with just 250 well-designed, multi-functional parts (as compared with the competitions’ 4,000+)

The Robotunits extruded aluminum framing system features these other advantages:

  • Same slot size throughout system resulting in same accessories for all extrusion
  • Large 14mm wide x 14mm deep slots enabling maximum thread engagement with t-nuts
  • Concave extrusion surface
  • Tubular honeycomb structure
  • Outstanding torsion and load resistance
  • Built-in pilot centered pilot groove that makes it easy to drill holes in center of extrusion
See the product brochure above for more information and a catalog of products, and feel free to contact us with any questions.