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Safety Fence System

The demands for safety devices for the protection of people and machines have never be as tough as they are today. Production requirements that change at an increasingly rapid rate, as well as constant enlargements and adaptations require both flexible and time-saving safety systems. There is nothing as straightforward and as safe as the Robotunits safety fence system: completely prefabricated safety fence elements are ordered and can be easily and quickly assembled by just one person.

The Robotunits safety fencing / safety guarding system is completely pre-assembled and can be customized as required



- Robotic guarding

- Machine guarding

- Weld cell guarding

- Factory floor partitioning



- Easy installation by one person

- Swing doors and sliding doors available

- Meets Eurpoean machinery safety standards

- Meets latest auto industry standards

- Easily remove panels for access

- Wire mesh or polycarbonate structure

- Interlock elements for doors are available

- Standard style and automotive style available