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Automation Products

Our staff of well-trained engineers is happy to design turnkey solutions for various automation needs, incorporating tabletop and six-axis roots, high-end dispensing systems, and other solutions for various applications.

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  1. Itoh Denki DC Power Roller

    Itoh Denki DC Power Roller

    ITOH DENKI developed DC version Power Moller incorporating brushless dc motor in 1988,then developed in 1999,the Power Moller 24 having high speed, high torque and diagnosis capability. Further efforts were made to integrate more intelligence including variable speed, acceleration/deceleration, and built in control logic.

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  2. HOWA Rotary Cylinders

    HOWA Rotary Cylinders

    HOWA offers a wide range of rotary cylinders for power chuck actuation. The Howa rotary cylinders feature quick piston movement, long service life, and economic running.

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  3. Latching Solenoids

    Latching Solenoids

    Latching solenoid is a solenoid using permanent magnet for magnet circuit. It uses holding power of permanent magnet attraction to hold position, which results in energy saving. There are "bi-stability solenoid" and "mono-stable solenoid" according to circuit differences.

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  4. Systems Supports and Accessories

    Systems Supports and Accessories

    Grip Lock system supports provides various installation options that offer robust fastening and a clean finish to your applications. Complimenting the Grip Lock fittings and system supports is an array of notable accessories that provide a more complete Interface Solution line-up.

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  5. JS Series Servo SCARA Robot

    JS Series Servo SCARA Robot

    The JS Series is available in various Arm lengths, ranging from 250mm to 1,000mm. Choose the Series that best serves your purposes the double-shaft JS Series or the single-shaft JSTH Series. The JS Series employs the easy-to-use JANOME original robot common system software. With its high precision, high speed, and wide work area, the JS Series can automate your production site, improve productivity and the quality of your products while at the same time bringing you tremendous savings in labor and costs.

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  6. Zimmer Shock Absorbers

    Zimmer Shock Absorbers

    The Zimmer Group is the right partner for motion control in the industrial sector. Here, the innovative damping technology with its patented spiral groove technology ensures that kinetic energy is absorbed in the production process in a targeted manner and wear is kept to a minimum.

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  7. Itoh Denki FRAT

    Itoh Denki FRAT

    Patented Itoh Denki Lift-Lower Technology. Product height never changes; the rollers and wheels come up to meet the product. 100% Powered by MDR. Ability to safely convey packages as small as 8.8″(225mm) x 8.8″ (225mm). Convey objects weighing up to 110lbs.(50kg). Drops in between frame rails of existing conveyor

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  8. Bi-stable Rotary Solenoids

    Bi-stable Rotary Solenoids

    TAKANO Bi-stable Rotary solenoids apply cylindrical permanent magnet for rotor. Rotary motion is performed by attraction and dis-attraction of magnetic pole generated by rotor and yoke. TAKANO Solenoid makes direct rotary motion without any axial movement, which contributes to the durability of this product. It differs from the conventional rotary solenoid which generate mechanical axial motion and change the axial motion to rotary motion.

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  9. Nylon Fittings

    Nylon Fittings

    Grip Lock fittings are offered in various body configurations with virtually all thread types and sizes available to ensure all our customer application requirements can be satisfied. All Grip Lock fittings feature a new revolutionary integrated locking ring providing a top quality, easy to use, and secure connection.

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  10. KEL-DPZ-KL Cable Entry Plates

    KEL-DPZ-KL Cable Entry Plates

    The new cable entry plate KEL-DPZ-KL is designed for routing up to 72 standard cables (without connectors). Assembly is very quick and easy just put a small slit in the thin membrane and push the cable through. Once the cable is through the membrane, it is immediately sealed with protection class IP65 and strain reliefed. ST plugs from icotek can be used to close and seal not or no longer used cable entries. The cable entry plate KEL-DPZ-KL matches on all KL terminal boxes from Rittal.

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