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  1. TOP1000 Tensioner

    TOP1000 Tensioner

    The TOP1000 is a magnetic type tension device designed especially for fiberglass tensioning on beam warping creels. The unit can also be used for various applications requiring fiber tension control.

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  2. MT-410 Adhesive Dispenser

    MT-410 Adhesive Dispenser

    Musashi’s MT-410 tubing dispenser is ideal for anaerobic, low viscosity, fast-drying adhesives. This adhesive dispenser includes a vacuum rotary function to eliminate drips and control bubbles, even in low-viscosity liquids.

    A simple and intuitive interface makes this high-precision dispenser easy to use. Use the digital timer for automated dispensing as fast as 0.01 second, or switch to the manual mode using the hand-held dispensing pen.

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  3. Measuring Master MPP-1 Dispenser for LED Production

    Measuring Master MPP-1 Dispenser for LED Production

    Developed specifically for dispensing phosphor silicone for the LED encapsulation process, the Measuring Master MPP-1 from Musashi excels at dispensing materials with high viscosity. It dispenses based on volume/weight capacity, and uses plunger control instead of air pressure for superior measuring accuracy.

    The MPP-1 is capable of dispensing volumes as large as 99.99999 mL and as small as 0.00001 mL with superior precision. This dispenser has been adopted by major LED production companies for mass volume production. The MPP-1 can also be used for other applications requiring high accuracy volume with materials having high or changing viscosities.

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    The SPRAY MASTER ME-5000SP is an air pulse dispense controller for control of spraying valves to achieve uniform spray dispensing.

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    The VALVE MASTER ME-5000VT is an air pulse dispense controller for control of valve based dispensing systems.

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  6. Musashi ML-5000XII pneumatic syringe dispenser

    Musashi ML-5000XII pneumatic syringe dispenser

    Musashi's high-performance syringe dispenser features a patented air pulse stabilizing circuit that eliminates fluid volume fluctuation. The result is high dispensing accuracy and consistency. The ML-5000XII is ideal for underfill applications, solder paste dispensing, and other precise dot-and-line dispensing for electronics.

    This syringe dispense controller can be integrated with a Musashi desktop robot system, such as the Shotmaster ΩX series, or mounted on a larger system. 

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  7. ML-808GX Pneumatic Dispenser

    ML-808GX Pneumatic Dispenser

    The ML-808GX is a high precision air pulse dispense controller which can adjust for viscosity fluctuation.

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  8. SuperΣCM3 Pneumatic Dispenser

    SuperΣCM3 Pneumatic Dispenser

    Prevent waste and errors with the high-precision Musashi SuperΣCM3 pneumatic dispenser. Ideal for ultra-fine dot and line dispensing of adhesives, silicone resin, lubricants, epoxy, and more, the SuperΣCM3 offers ultimate pneumatic dispensing stability with the following features:

    • Vacuum control system to stop drips and aeration
    • Automatic correction of pressure head variation to improve consistency
    • Accurate detection of low fluid levels in syringe to prevent empty shots and wasted fluid
    These innovations reduce the NG (reject) rate by 70%.

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  9. TOP1000-HT


    In-Line Tensioning for High Tension - for fibers requiring in-line tensioning, the ideal solution for tensioning pull glass fibers or over aramid fibers which require tensions over 50 grams.

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  10. FR-N Feed Roller

    FR-N Feed Roller

    The feed-roller acts as a speed controller for any process. It has high accuracy speed control, and uses a double roller system to control the fiber speed. It is useful for laboratory type lines, pilot lines, and also scalable for large scale production lines.

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