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Lab & Pilot Line Equipment

  1. Carbon Fiber Analyzer

    Carbon Fiber Analyzer

    For analysis of carbon fiber characteristics and carbon fiber quality control. Analysis of fiber tow width, filament breakage, fiber tension, etc.

    For laboratory / pilot line use (CFA-F), as well as for monitoring fiber on carbon fiber production lines (CFA-Lite).

    Simple data acquisition (USB type media or SD card) or on-line data acquisition via PC supplied for monitoring and data logging.

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  2. Lab Scale Furnaces

    Lab Scale Furnaces

    Tube type carbonization and graphitization furnaces are convenient for lab scale and pilot line applications.  These small scale furnaces can be designed for single tow carbonization to larger scale tow band carbonization.

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  3. Tabletop Laboratory Winder

    Tabletop Laboratory Winder

    This is a compact tabletop winder, convenient for simple take up winding.  The unit is equipped with an adjustable traverse length.  Suitable for carbon fibers and other high performance fibers.  The winder is available in the following configurations:

     - Constant RPM winder

     - Constant speed winder

     - Constant tension winder

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  4. Fiber Tensioning Roller

    Fiber Tensioning Roller

    Servo driven tensioning rollers can be custom configured to drive and stretch fibers.  These units have configurable parameters such as roller width, fiber speed, and stretch ratio to optimize research and development of different fibers.  Control systems and operator interfaces are programmed and developed for each process requirement.

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  5. Mechanical Fiber Spreader

    Mechanical Fiber Spreader

    Custom built mechanical spreaders are available with adjustable spreading widths.  Various roller finishes are available to match up to different fiber requirements and spreading requirements.  When mechanical spreading means are not sufficient, the air spreading systems should be used.

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  6. Carbon Fiber Sizing and Drying System

    Carbon Fiber Sizing and Drying System

    • Lab scale sizing system for carbon fiber and other high performance fibers
    • Convenient for testing different sizing materials on different types of fibers
    • Can be configured for single tows up to 20 tows
    • Most parameters on the machine are adjustable, making the unit versatile for laboratory use

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