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DTH Tension Sensor Overview

The DTH tension sensor measures the tension of fibers or sheet materials with high levels of accuracy. Each unit’s microchip corrects mechanical deviations between units, giving your production line a cost-effective method of tension measurement with no calibration required.

This tension sensor includes software (optional) that works with your existing PC to track and record data in an easy-to-read real time graph and also to Excel spreadsheet format. Multiple models are available to handle different fiber/web widths, tension ranges, and methods of data transmission.

Low Cost, High Accuracy

Each unit is equipped with a micro-chip to correct any deviations between units, thus providing a low-cost means of accurate tension measurement.

The units have an accuracy rating of +/- 2% to 4% F.S. depending on the model.



The unit has a high overload rating, and also has no need for adjustment, making it an ideal choice for production line tension monitoring. There is no initial adjustment at start-up.

The sensor is of one-piece construction, and it can be mounted and put to use with no need to adjust or calibrate.


Analog Output

The tension sensor unit provides an analog output signal, which is convenient to use with existing monitoring equipment, digital displays, or incorporate into your existing PLC analog inputs.


Applicable Materials and Applications

These tension sensors work well with any type of fiber such as carbon fibers (1K to 50K), glass fibers, aramid fibers, ceramic fibers, natural fibers, and fiber optics.

Typical applications are for routine quality control, production line tension measurements, high tension or fiber break alarming applications, and R&D laboratory use.



  • Three roller type
  • One-piece construction
  • Multiple sensor models available with ranges from 50 up to 20,000 grams
  • Roller widths available from 2.5 mm to 610 mm
  • May connect to PC via USB, Wireless, or DB9F/RJ45 cable
  • Compatible with any TAQ transmission unit
See the brochure above for full specifications, and contact Izumi International with any particular questions or unique application considerations you may have.