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Unisizer KS-7

The KS-7 was developed to size various fibers, spun yarns (cotton, silk, hemp yarns, etc) as well as a variety of filament yarns to prevent fuzz, improve strength and sustain elongation properties.

Linking three processes (coating/sizing, drying, and winding) into one machine dramatically improves efficiency, quality, and contributes to saving space. The KS-7 is ideal for the recent trend of manufacturing a wide variety of fabrics in small lots, at minimum time, with frequent style change.


1.  Applies sizing uniformly to the yarn

  • The yarn is submerged in a sizing bath

 2.  Gentle to the yarn

  • Mechanisms (sizing, roller, drying, reel, winding drum) throughout the yarn path are synchronized so that excessive tension is not applied, and fine yarns or elastic yarns can be processed

 3.  Easy to operate

  • Touch panel allows for centralized control

 4.  No damage to the yarn

  • The taper on the drying reel can be adjusted to accommodate various yarn types

 5.  Process speed is fast, output is high

  • The yarn runs through the chamber for 380 meters, thus drying efficiently is high speed can be set high and temperature can be set low

 6.  Easy to clean

  • The sizing bath is easy to clean.  The back door of the drying chamber can be opened for easy maintenance and cleaning



Yarn speed (depends on yarn count): 50-550 m/min

Sizing pump flow rate: 15 L/min

Fan flow rate: 8-26 m/min

Drying chamber temp: 50-80°C

Sizing tank temp: MAX 80°C

Drying chamber yarn length: about 380m

Sizing tank capacity:20-40L

Winding system: Each spindle individual driven

Winding capacity: 1.0 (5 inch or 6 inch traverse) Optional cone winding also available

Stop motor function: On yarn breakage, yardage counter set point, and other miscellaneous alarms

Yardage counter: Each spindle equipped with yardage counter, yardage displayed on central panel



Main motor: 1.5-2.2KW

Sizing pump motor: 0.4KW

Fan motor: 0.25 - 1.5KW

Drying chamber heater: 8-30KW

Sizing tank heater: 2-4KW

Steam arrangement capacity: 10,000-35,000Kea 1/H

Steam pressure: MIN 4.5 Kg/cm2

Voltage: Can comply with customer requirements (AC200V, 380V etc)

Total electrical capacity: 4.7 - 42 KVA



Length: 3035-6455mm

Width: 1235mm

Height: 1700mm

Weight: 1390 - 2200kg

Color:  Kaji Beige P22-344