We are a custom automation and carbon fiber equipment manufacturing company.

Founded in 1977, Izumi International, Inc. is located in Greenville, South Carolina, placing it at the heart of the United States textile trade.

Initially establishing ourselves by providing cutting-edge technology and spare parts for the weaving industry, we entered the carbon fiber industry at its infancy with a specialized take up winder and has grown to be a major supplier for equipment in this industry.

Today, Izumi International provides two main services—equipment for the carbon fiber and composites industry and custom automation equipment.

We design equipment for carbon fiber and composites production.

We supply creels, carbonization furnaces, and take-up winders for carbon fiber production lines, as well as smaller scale pilot lines and customized laboratory lines for research and development. We also provide equipment for other downstream operations for carbon fiber and other high performance fibers such as weaving, pultrusion, pre-pregging, and pultrusion.

We provide solutions for automation.

We can incorporate 3-axis to 6-axis robots to create customized turnkey solutions to meet specific needs. Automated dispensing is a core strength of our capabilities, and we can provide high accuracy dispensing systems for various applications. Partnering with several automation suppliers we also act as a distributor for many high quality components.

We have a global presence.

With offices in Japan, Europe, and the US, we install, commission, and service our equipment on a global scale, as well as providing a local source for engineering new ideas with our customers worldwide. We can comply with UL and CE regulations, thus our equipment is shipped all over the world with the proper certifications.

Engineering is our core strength.

With an experienced staff of mechanical and electrical engineers, we can design customized equipment from initial concepts. Our electrical group is knowledgeable in a wide variety of PLC systems to meet most customer requirements. We have on-site testing capabilities to allow for prototyping and trials to simulate new processes before final manufacturing.


Our experience and capabilities make us right for the job.

With full mechanical assembly capabilities and an in-house panel shop to manufacture control/electrical panels, we are able to design, program, and assemble turnkey equipment.

Unsure which specific product is right for you?

If you're looking for help making the right choice, Izumi International is here to help. Reach us by phone at 864-288-8001 or contact us online at any time to learn more.