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Bio-Medical Automation

  1. 3D Bio-Printer

    3D Bio-Printer

    Izumi International, Inc. develops and manufactures unique 3D dispensing equipment capable of printing living cells. The systems can be equipped with multiple dispensers for various biomaterials. Optional jet dispensers are available for high speed / non-contact dispensing. The systems utilize 3 axis positioning with optional 4th rotational axis.

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  2. Strex Cell Stretcher

    Strex Cell Stretcher

    The STREX Cell Stretching System mechanically stresses cells growing in culture by stretching and compressing them, thereby providing an environment similar to the one in which living cells exist. Thus, it differs from standard in vitro approaches by allowing observation of the changes that the cells undergo, and the responses they manifest, in the presence of dynamic physical forces. The system finds application for an array of cells with adhesion properties.

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