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Automation Products

Our staff of well-trained engineers is happy to design turnkey solutions for various automation needs, incorporating tabletop and six-axis roots, high-end dispensing systems, and other solutions for various applications.

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  1. Itoh Denki Driver Cards

    Itoh Denki Driver Cards

    The dedicated driver cards can control speed, acceleration, deceleration, direction control etc. Models for single zone as well as dual zone are available. Ethernet ready cards are also available.

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  2. HOWA Clamp Cylinders

    HOWA Clamp Cylinders

    Howa clamp cylinders have been developed based on their many years of experience designing specialty purpose machine tools and jigs. The wide variety of HOWA clamp cylinders can be easily incorporated into specialty machine designs and will act as an economical, time saving item.

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  3. Flexible Nylon Conduit

    Flexible Nylon Conduit

    Moltec has once again raised the bar of quality by offering sixteen corrugated nylon conduit styles as part of our new Grip Lock line. The new generation conduits are specially formulated to exhibit performance characteristics that meet and surpass today's stringent industry standards. From simple aesthetics to complex application requirements, Grip Lock has you covered.

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  4. QVT Split Cable Glands

    QVT Split Cable Glands

    QVT is a circular split frame for quick and easy installation of cables or complete cable harnesses. The QVT range is especially suitable for small machines, devices and instruments, because of the extremly small structure.

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  5. Quicher Screw Presenter

    Quicher Screw Presenter

    Quicher brand Screw Presenters ensure workers never miss a beat in valuable production time by always presenting the necessary components on time and in the right orientation. Quicher Screw Presenters are 30% faster than other similar feeders and handle a wide variety of screws including captive washers. Let your company increase productivity with either robotic or manual screw presentation. Extremely affordable, and interchangeable rails allow use of same base unit for different size screws.

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  6. Itoh Denki DC Power Roller

    Itoh Denki DC Power Roller

    ITOH DENKI developed DC version Power Moller incorporating brushless dc motor in 1988,then developed in 1999,the Power Moller 24 having high speed, high torque and diagnosis capability. Further efforts were made to integrate more intelligence including variable speed, acceleration/deceleration, and built in control logic.

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  7. HOWA Rotary Cylinders

    HOWA Rotary Cylinders

    HOWA offers a wide range of rotary cylinders for power chuck actuation. The Howa rotary cylinders feature quick piston movement, long service life, and economic running.

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  8. Latching Solenoids

    Latching Solenoids

    Latching solenoid is a solenoid using permanent magnet for magnet circuit. It uses holding power of permanent magnet attraction to hold position, which results in energy saving. There are "bi-stability solenoid" and "mono-stable solenoid" according to circuit differences.

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  9. Systems Supports and Accessories

    Systems Supports and Accessories

    Grip Lock system supports provides various installation options that offer robust fastening and a clean finish to your applications. Complimenting the Grip Lock fittings and system supports is an array of notable accessories that provide a more complete Interface Solution line-up.

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  10. Extruded aluminum framing profile

    Robotunits Extruded Aluminum Framing

    Looking for a sleek and practical framing alternative to welded steel? The extruded aluminum framing system designed by the experts at Robotunits offers near-endless design possibilities while requiring minimal assembly time.

    This all-in-one modular framing system features a variety of extruded profiles made of a durable aluminum alloy. The lightweight and easy-to-assemble configuration require no drilling or welding, and are have an anodized surface eliminating the need for painting.

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