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Slot Type Graphitization Furnace

With the development of the first 3000°C furnace in the early 1980's, KYK has a rich history of developing UHT, or Ultra High Temperature Furnaces. These furnaces enable the production of high modulus carbon fibers.


 - Mass production furnace capable of continuously operating at 3000°C

 - Optimum heater design and material selection results in long service life

 - Stable high product quality achieved by the precise temerature and atmosphere control

 - Designed to make it easy to perform maintenance work

 - Heater design to meet the mamimum operating temperature




 - Graphitization of fibers, felts, papers, and nonwoven cloths

 - Maximum temperature: 3000°C

 - Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Argon

 - Capacity: Laboratory scale up to a large mass production scale