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Takano is the premier manufacturer of rotary solenoid products for the mail sorting equipment for the Japanese market. The Bi-stable rotary actuators offer long life and quick response compared to the spring return type products on the market. Takano offers a wide range of product, and has the capability to design custom solenoid actuators when it is required.

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  1. Bi-stable Rotary Solenoids

    Bi-stable Rotary Solenoids

    TAKANO Bi-stable Rotary solenoids apply cylindrical permanent magnet for rotor. Rotary motion is performed by attraction and dis-attraction of magnetic pole generated by rotor and yoke. TAKANO Solenoid makes direct rotary motion without any axial movement, which contributes to the durability of this product. It differs from the conventional rotary solenoid which generate mechanical axial motion and change the axial motion to rotary motion.

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  2. Latching Solenoids

    Latching Solenoids

    Latching solenoid is a solenoid using permanent magnet for magnet circuit. It uses holding power of permanent magnet attraction to hold position, which results in energy saving. There are "bi-stability solenoid" and "mono-stable solenoid" according to circuit differences.

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  3. Pinch Valves for Medical and Diagnostic Equipment

    Pinch Valves for Medical and Diagnostic Equipment

    Perfect for tube pinching used in medical and diagnostic equipment. By setting tube (s) at 2 pinch section, it is possible to use as 2 direction valve. It is also possible to use as ON/OFF valve using one pinch.

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  4. Step Rotary Solenoids

    Step Rotary Solenoids

    TAKANO Step rotary solenoid applies the fundamental structure of bi-stable rotary solenoid with additional magnetic poles to have multiple position control. As same as Bi-stable rotary solenoid, it makes rotary motion by attraction and dis-attraction of magnetic pole generated by rotor and yoke, which enables high speed multiple position change.

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