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Tension Monitoring

  1. DTH Tension Sensor Overview

    DTH Tension Sensor Overview

    The DTH tension sensor measures the tension of fibers or sheet materials with high levels of accuracy. Each unit’s microchip corrects mechanical deviations between units, giving your production line a cost-effective method of tension measurement with no calibration required.
    This tension sensor includes software (optional) that works with your existing PC to track and record data in an easy-to-read real time graph and also to Excel spreadsheet format. Multiple models are available to handle different fiber/web widths, tension ranges, and methods of data transmission.

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  2. DTH Standard Range Sensors

    DTH Standard Range Sensors

    This is the standard range DTH sensor with ranges from 50 grams up to 3000 grams.  Roller widths range from 2.5mm up to 42mm.

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  3. DTL High Range Sensors

    DTL High Range Sensors

    This is the high range DTL sensor with ranges from 5000 grams up to 20000 grams.  Roller widths range from 22mm up to 62mm.

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  4. DTW Wide Web Sensors

    DTW Wide Web Sensors

    This is the wide roller DTW sensor with ranges from 1000 grams up to 5000 grams.  Roller widths range from 210mm to 610mm.

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  5. TSW Web Tension Rollers

    TSW Web Tension Rollers

    This is a customizable web tension roller and load cell combination suitable for up to 200kg of tension.  Roller widths can be up to 3000mm wide.

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  6. TAQ Data Transmission Modules

    TAQ Data Transmission Modules

    TAQ modules provide a means of data transmission to the DTH.  The lineup enables various methods to transmit the tension data to a PC for live tension monitoring or tension data logging.

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