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Composite Manufacturing

Izumi International has been a part of the carbon fiber industry since its earliest days, so we understand the business inside and out. We’ve been supplying carbon fiber production equipment for more than 35 years, including creels, carbonization furnaces, sizing equipment, tension roll stands, and take-up winders. We also supply the downstream equipment for various composite manufacturing processes, including pre-preg and pultrusion creels, filament winder tensioners, re-winders and respoolers, weft feeders for carbon fiber weaving, fiber tension sensors, and more.

Browse our composite manufacturing equipment below or use the categories in the left column to navigate.

Don’t see exactly what you need, or not sure which manufacturing product is for you? One of our composite experts will be glad to walk you through the decision-making process—or, if needed, we’ll be glad to tailor a custom solution for your unique situation.

  1. Unisizer KS-7

    Unisizer KS-7

    The KS-7 was developed to size various fibers, spun yarns (cotton, silk, hemp yarns, etc) as well as a variety of filament yarns to prevent fuzz, improve strength and sustain elongation properties. Linking three processes (coating/sizing, drying, and winding) into one machine dramatically improves efficiency, quality, and contributes to saving space. The KS-7 is ideal for the recent trend of manufacturing a wide variety of fabrics in small lots, at minimum time, with frequent style change.

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  2. Gas Diffusion Layer Furnace

    Gas Diffusion Layer Furnace

    These furnaces are designed specifically for creating gas diffusion layer (GDL), required for fuel cell production. These furnaces are used to treat carbon cloth or carbon paper.

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  3. Activation Furnace for Activated Carbon Fiber

    Activation Furnace for Activated Carbon Fiber

    These furnaces are designed specifically for carbonizing activated carbon fiber.

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  4. Fiber Spreading Equipment

    Fiber Spreading Equipment

    Single tow and multiple tow spreading machine can spread a single tow of carbon fiber or multiple tow of carbon fiber. The system can also be used for other types of fiber. The fiber spreaders can be used for various applications: fiber spreading to improve impregnation of the tow, fiber spreading to make lighter materials, fiber spreading to manufacture thinner sheet materials,…etc.

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  5. Tray-Pusher type Firing/Sintering Furnace

    Tray-Pusher type Firing/Sintering Furnace

    These tray pusher type furnaces are most popular in applications for heat treatment of powder materials.

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  6. Tray Pusher Type Pre-Carbonization Furnace

    Tray Pusher Type Pre-Carbonization Furnace

    These tray pusher type furnaces are most popular in applications using a mesh belt furnace or batch type furnace.

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  7. EKTW-C


    Take up machine for winding Pan or Pitch carbon fibers, aramid fibers and other high performance fibers. This winder has been one of the most popular winders for the carbon fiber production industry, taking up the carbon fiber as it is produced.

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  8. Carbon Fiber Analyzer

    Carbon Fiber Analyzer

    For analysis of carbon fiber characteristics and carbon fiber quality control. Analysis of fiber tow width, filament breakage, fiber tension, etc.

    For laboratory / pilot line use (CFA-F), as well as for monitoring fiber on carbon fiber production lines (CFA-Lite).

    Simple data acquisition (USB type media or SD card) or on-line data acquisition via PC supplied for monitoring and data logging.

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  9. Lab Scale Furnaces

    Lab Scale Furnaces

    Tube type carbonization and graphitization furnaces are convenient for lab scale and pilot line applications.  These small scale furnaces can be designed for single tow carbonization to larger scale tow band carbonization.

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  10. Shears/Scissors


    Izumi offers shears/scissors of different size for cutting the hardest materials, with outstanding durability. These shears are especially aimed at cutting fibers and fabrics for materials such as aramid fibers, carbon fibers, fiberglass, prepreg materials, and other composite materials.

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