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Timing Belt Conveyor

For the transport of bulky and heavy parts, Robotunits offers the C4T and C8T timing belt conveyor. Standard lengths up to 12 meters are available. For this conveyor, a special, self-tracking timing belt that better withstands lateral forces than conventional belt is used. Parts travel on conveyor safely and smoothly since any interfering edges are removed. With the Robotunits timing belt, conveyor indexing and positioning applications are easily implemented conveniently and economically. Robotunits offers a wide range of different belt surfaces and profiles.


 - Self tracking timing belt

 - Multiple line layout

 - Positive drive

 - Speeds from 2 m/min to 70 m/min 

 - Can be equipped with VFD motor and servo motor also for accurate indexing



 - SHear force absorption possible

 - Adjustments and expansion possible

 - No slippage (for positioning work)