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Carbon Fiber Weaving

  1. WF-510 Weft Yarn Feeder

    WF-510 Weft Yarn Feeder

    This weft feeder is for weft insertion of flat-type material such as tape yarn, prepreg tape, carbon fiber etc., without twisting the fiber. The unit is an alternative for conventional accumulators, or applications simply taking the fiber off the end of the package, which will twist the yarn during the process.

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  2. CF-S2 Series Creel

    CF-S2 Series Creel

    This model is based upon the same principles as the ST series, but aimed at low cost / large scale creels. Common applications for this creel are large scale (over 800 positions) creels for weaving, multi-axial machines...etc.

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  3. Off Loom Take Up

    Off Loom Take Up

    Off Loom Take Up for winding fabric from weaving machine to create large diameter rolls

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  4. HBW/JBW Leno Bobbin Winder

    HBW/JBW Leno Bobbin Winder

    The HBW is a bobbin winder for the leno (selvedge) yarn bobbins for weaving machines.
    The JBW is an automatic version for unmanned operation.

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  5. Textile Roll Covering

    Textile Roll Covering

    Izumi represents Kureha, who has been manufacturing rubber strips for more than 40 years. 
    Kureha supplies rubber covering to many loom manufacturer's in Japan.
    Izumi has large inventory of roll covering in Greenville, SC.
    A wide variety of products to choose from, to fit every application.                               

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