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Modular Belt Conveyors

Looking for an effective belt conveyor solution that can be implemented quickly and offer a quick return on investment? Robotunits offers service-friendly, modular belt conveyors that can be tailored to your organization’s exact requirements. Multiple widths, lengths, speeds, and sizes are available, and belts can be straight, curved, or on a gradient to create the perfect fit for your process.

Your custom belt conveyor solution will arrive fully assembled and pre-tested for performance. The low-maintenance and easy-to-service modular design can stand up to harsh conditions, and it’s compatible with the full Robotunits extruded aluminum framing system


Key advantages:

  • Free choice of dimensions, belt properties, belt speed, and drive variants
  • Wide range of structures (driver, griptop, bridge, cross web) available with a choice of coatings
  • Self-adjusting safety guards
  • High-durability, accumulation, and low- and high-friction belts available
  • No retention of the belt necessary and no angular shift
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Modular belts are simple to replace if sections become damaged
  • Belt conveyors arrive at your facility fully assembled and tested
  • One-week turnaround time and Just-in-Time deliveries

For a catalog of available options, see the product brochure.

Not sure how to piece together exactly what you need? Izumi International’s engineer can help you design the right belt conveyor system for your process. Call us at 864.288.8001 or request more information using the button above.



  • Belt widths: 165 to 2015 mm (straight) or 215 to 1215 mm (curve)
  • Belt lengths: up to 12 m (longer units available upon request)
  • Speeds: 2.6 m/min to 58 m/min (higher speeds available upon request)
  • Frame widths: 40 mm to 1200 mm
  • Roller diameters: 40 mm, 50 mm or 80 mm

For more details, view the product brochure