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Modular Belt Conveyors

Robotunits has developed a unique service-friendly Modular Belt Conveyor belt for use in harsh conditions. With this technology, extremely flexible conveyor lines can be created that are wider and longer, to transport of cut parts or heavy loads. With the proper selection of belt; straight, curved and gradients can be combined to user-defined sizes.  In addition, parts can also be removed from the sides.



 - No retention of the belt necessary and no angular shift

 - Free choice of dimensions, belt properties, belt speed, and drive variants with standard widths between 165 and 2015mm (straight) or 215 and 1215mm (curve)

 - Slot with 14mm clearance

 - Wide range of structures (driver, griptop, bridge, cross web), side guides as well as a multitude of coatings



 - Very low maintenance

 - Tailor made solutions to the best price/performance ratio

 - Quick application and return on investment

 - Large savings with additions or extensions

 - Very simple replacement of the module belt (such as individual links) and optimal accident prevention