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MT-410 Adhesive Dispenser

Musashi’s MT-410 tubing dispenser is ideal for anaerobic, low viscosity, fast-drying adhesives. This adhesive dispenser includes a vacuum rotary function to eliminate drips and control bubbles, even in low-viscosity liquids.

A simple and intuitive interface makes this high-precision dispenser easy to use. Use the digital timer for automated dispensing as fast as 0.01 second, or switch to the manual mode using the hand-held dispensing pen.

The MT-410 rotary tubing adhesive dispenser eliminates the need for precise adjustment and reduces dripping and bubbling during dispensing.

Key features:

  • Simple, one-touch operation
  • Vacuum rotary function prevents drips
  • Ideal for low-viscosity, anaerobic, quick-dry type adhesives
  • Original tube installation mechanism extends the life of tubing
  • Dispensing pen allows for manual work



 - MT-410


Discharge Pressure Setting

 - Rotary tubing method


Discharge Time Setting

 - Digital timer  (dejisuitchi)


Special Function

 - Dripping prevention vacuum rotor function


Outside Input Signal

 - With contact point input


Power Supply, Power Consumption

 - AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz 25W


Exterior Dimensions, Weight

 - W188 X D208 X H75mm 3.0 kg