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Belt Conveyor Systems

Looking for a cost-effective belt conveyor system for your automation process? Robotunits offers a complete line of belt conveyor products engineered for high performance and reliability. Choose from a variety of configurations, belt types and motor speeds, and have the system delivered to you pre-assembled within one week. 

Robotunits’ belt conveyors integrate seamlessly with their extruded aluminum framing systems, and each system is thoroughly tested before delivery. For especially heavy or bulky loads, Robotunits also offers modular belt conveyors and timing belt conveyors.


Robotunits offers quick delivery on belt conveyor systems that feature smart engineering and high efficiency. They are ideal for a number of automation applications, including injection molding operations, and can be integrated with vision systems.

Key benefits include:

  • Wide selection of dimensions, belt features, belt speed and drive options
  • Compatibility with all Robotunits aluminum extrusion sizes
  • Belt systems tested and assembled before delivery
  • Express orders shipped in just 5 working days
  • Low- and high-friction belts available
  • Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant belts available
  • Vacuum, incline, and cleated belt conveyors available

See the PDF above for more specifications and a catalog of available parts.

Don't see what you need, or have a very specific performance requirement? We also offer customized belt conveyor systems that our team can help design for you. Give our engineers a call at 864.288.8001 with any questions, or request more information using the button above.