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Miscellaneous Equipment

  1. UT-1000 Twister

    UT-1000 Twister

    According to the demands for applying a certain twist on delicate high performance fibers such as carbon fibers, Ceramic Fibers, Fiber Glass, etc., Kamitsu has developed a high speed unrolling twisting machine that does not cause damage to the fibers. The package is rotated in the cage and fiber is unrolled with uniform and constant twists. Unwinding twists are eliminated during unwinding. The number of twists can be obtained by coordinating the unrolling speed with the cage RPM (Max. 1,000 RPM). A machine with multi-built units can also be used as a doubling/twisting machine. The Kamitsu UT Twist and Detwist machine is for use with delicate fiber or yarn without damaging the yarn.

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  2. PLCS-1000 Portable Length and Speed Counter

    PLCS-1000 Portable Length and Speed Counter

    Ideal for use in carbon fiber production, this portable length and speed counter can be used to verify speed accuracy in fiber production processes or web production processes. It can also be used with any equipment with drive rollers to calibrate or set the roller speeds.

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  3. FR-N Feed Roller

    FR-N Feed Roller

    The feed-roller acts as a speed controller for any process. It has high accuracy speed control, and uses a double roller system to control the fiber speed. It is useful for laboratory type lines, pilot lines, and also scalable for large scale production lines.

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  4. Unisizer KS-7

    Unisizer KS-7

    The KS-7 was developed to size various fibers, spun yarns (cotton, silk, hemp yarns, etc) as well as a variety of filament yarns to prevent fuzz, improve strength and sustain elongation properties. Linking three processes (coating/sizing, drying, and winding) into one machine dramatically improves efficiency, quality, and contributes to saving space. The KS-7 is ideal for the recent trend of manufacturing a wide variety of fabrics in small lots, at minimum time, with frequent style change.

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  5. Fiber Spreading Equipment

    Fiber Spreading Equipment

    Single tow and multiple tow spreading machine can spread a single tow of carbon fiber or multiple tow of carbon fiber. The system can also be used for other types of fiber. The fiber spreaders can be used for various applications: fiber spreading to improve impregnation of the tow, fiber spreading to make lighter materials, fiber spreading to manufacture thinner sheet materials,…etc.

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  6. Shears/Scissors


    Izumi offers shears/scissors of different size for cutting the hardest materials, with outstanding durability. These shears are especially aimed at cutting fibers and fabrics for materials such as aramid fibers, carbon fibers, fiberglass, prepreg materials, and other composite materials.

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  7. Flat Expander Roller FE-B

    Flat Expander Roller FE-B

    FE rollers are rubber-cord-type non-bowed and linear crease removing rollers designed for removing creases from web materials such as fabrics, nonwovens, plastic films, paper and glass fibers.  Better expansion throughout full roller length is achieved since rubber slats slide motion is very light and smooth designed to minimize mechanical wear on components for longer lifetime.


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  8. Web Expander Miravo Roller MRV

    Web Expander Miravo Roller MRV

    • No-Bow and Linear crease removing rollers
    • Designed to remove creases from web materials such as nonwoven, plastic films, paper, glass fibers and metallic foils
    • Rubber tube covering roller outer surface will expand and contract along with roller rotation
    • Wider applicability to web materials; additionally including ultra thin flexible film (a few microns) and rigid Cu, Al metallic sheet

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  9. BBW-6-100 CF Bobbin Winder

    BBW-6-100 CF Bobbin Winder

    This winder was specifically developed for winding carbon fiber on to braiding bobbins. Most of the braiding bobbin available are not made for carbon fiber and other easily damaged high performance fibers. This winder ensures minimal damage to the fiber by taking contact points, bend radius, and traversing mechanism into consideration.

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  10. FX-BBW-1500 Flex-Winder

    FX-BBW-1500 Flex-Winder

    -  The Flex-Winder is a programmable winder, enabling various wind patterns for different  fibers on to various size bobbins. This single unit can accommodate most  winding requirements, making it ideal for a wide range of winding processes.

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