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We have various models of creels to accommodate different processes and different fibers. We offer standard configurations as well as customized units designed to fit specific client requirements. Contact us at (864) 288-8001 or online to learn more.

  1. ST Series Creel

    ST Series Creel

    For unwinding type pay-off, Pre-preg, Tow-preg, Pultrusion, UD tape process, Lab Systems, Tow spreading lines, Carbon fiber (PAN and pitch), aramid fibers, glass fibers (on cores), optical fibers, and monofilaments.

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  2. CF-S2 Series Creel

    CF-S2 Series Creel

    This model is based upon the same principles as the ST series, but aimed at low cost / large scale creels. Common applications for this creel are large scale (over 800 positions) creels for weaving, multi-axial machines...etc.

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  3. U-CTD Series Creel

    U-CTD Series Creel

    Diameter Measuring Tension Creel System features unwinding type electrical tension control, custom designed frame structures ideal for low cost, large scale electrical tension creel systems.

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  4. CTF Series Creel

    CTF Series Creel

    These units feedback type closed loop control creels, and are customized to user requirements. Convenient for laboratory, R&D and pilot line scale setups, also for full production lines. Standard type is a let-off type creel, but in-line type creels can be supplied also.

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  5. PC Series Creel

    PC Series Creel

    Precursor Tensioning Creel System features unwinding type electrical tension control with custom designed frame structures and fiber routing to accommodate customer requirements.

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  6. BDT-X Bi-Directional Creels

    BDT-X Bi-Directional Creels

    Bi-directional tension control for applications requiring let-off and take-back. Includes data monitoring/logging software for tension available

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  7. TOP1000-HT


    In-Line Tensioning for High Tension - for fibers requiring in-line tensioning, the ideal solution for tensioning pull glass fibers or over aramid fibers which require tensions over 50 grams.

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  8. TOP1000 Tensioner

    TOP1000 Tensioner

    The TOP1000 is a magnetic type tension device designed especially for fiberglass tensioning on beam warping creels. The unit can also be used for various applications requiring fiber tension control.

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