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Designed for use with carbon fiber and other high-performance fibers, we have winders for small scale pilot lines as well as full scale production. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please give us a call at (864) 288-8001 or contact us online to learn more.

  1. EKTW-C


    Take up machine for winding Pan or Pitch carbon fibers, aramid fibers and other high performance fibers. This winder has been one of the most popular winders for the carbon fiber production industry, taking up the carbon fiber as it is produced.

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  2. EKTW-CA


    This machine in the KTW series offers a double spindle automatic bobbin change feature. This feature contributes to labor saving and space saving, for take up of continuous fiber production. The auto bobbin change feature activates once the package has reached a pre-set yardage.The unit is ideal for carbon fiber, as well as higher speed aramid fibers.

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  3. KTW-C


    Model KTW-C is controlled by a torque motor with 5 head high layout pursues most economical investment of take up machine for winding Pan or Pitch carbon fibers, aramid fibers and other high performance fibers.

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  4. EKTW-CX


    Take up machine for winding Pan or Pitch carbon fibers, aramid fibers and other high performance fibers. This winder is a computerized version of our mainstream production winder EKTW-C. It offers electronic setting changes via the main HMI, including the following features:

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  5. EKTL-20D


    The EKTL-20D is a take up winder suitable for precursor of pan carbon fiber and also heavy industrial yarns like tire cord, to take up onto large package. This machine is also available in product numbers: EKTL-26D and EKTL-29D. These differ in traverse length and package diameter, which also results in a change in package weight.

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    For high performance fibers (carbon fiber, ceramic fibers, aramid fibers, glass fibers, etc.) or industrial (tire cord, etc.) Manual one to one. Yardage meter stops machine automatically at preset yardage. For creeling applications where small package is required, as well as R&D and laboratory use.

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  7. KTAW


    The KTAW automatically rewinds carbon fiber or other fibers to empty cores, making smaller bobbins out of the full bobbin. This unit is especially useful for making small packages for use in large creel systems, dramatically lowering material costs by eliminating the need to load creel with full bobbins of carbon fiber.

    The paper core magazine holds 10 empty cores, and fiber is automatically transferred to a new paper core when it has wound the set length of fiber on the previous paper core. The user friendly interface allows for setting of fiber yardage, winding speed, package count...etc.

    This machine also offers wide range application for winding high performance fibers, such as carbon fibers, ceramic fibers, aramid fibers etc., and industrial materials like tire-cord.

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  8. EFT-Tape


    On conventional winding processes the wind roll of flat materials is cut at a certain width by a slitting machine and wound onto a large roll like disc (record) on winding machine. However, the cut materials are apt to be distorted, bent or wrinkled during the winding. Kamitsu Take-Up Winder Model EFT Bobbin traverse Type can solve these problems and wind flat materials onto the bobbin which can be used just after slitter process or re-wind from a disc shape of flat materials with the aid of feed rollers.

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